The roots of astrology are as ancient as humanity’s awareness of natural cycles and our innate need to seek out an underlying order in what appears to be, the chaos of life. Although the modern practice of astrology is far removed in time and practical application from what the early students of the stars pursued each in their own way, the common thread remains one of orientation for body, mind and spirit. The constantly evolving art of astrology offers us a fresh perspective to more fully appreciate our unique rhythms and patterns and to better navigate our course in life.

As a consulting astrologer, it is my aim to work with you to explore your unique life story as conveyed through the symbolic patterns in the natal horoscope. The consultation is a jargon-free discussion, about an hour in duration in which I hope to offer you my insight, guidance and support. If you think you may be interested in consulting with me or have any other specific questions, please send an email first and we will go from there. I look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you for your interest and faith in the process.
Jennifer Avis Riser