Full Natal Consultation with Strategic Forecasting ~ $150

In this consultation we will discuss in depth, your past experiences, your current concerns and your future goals. It is my intention to work with you to define and confirm your needs and to assist you in strategies to help you meet those needs and realize your goals with greater self-awareness. The consultation will be recorded with your permission and I will provide you with a copy of the session, digital or physical, according to your preference.
The consultation is approximately one hour in duration and completely free of jargon.
The focus will be on your developmental journey and your projections for the coming year. In preparation for our discussion I will need your complete birth date, time and location. Accurate birth-time data is important in this process so if your birth-time is unknown or questionable, we may need to create a rectified chart.



Rectification with Natal Consultation ~ $200

Accurate birth information is essential to good astrological work. If you have a birth certificate that states your time of birth, I generally use that time with few exceptions. If your stated time of birth is based on anyone’s recollection, (e.g. you remember your mother saying it was at sunrise or your father says it was late at night) rectification will be necessary. I will also want to rectify any horoscope that has been previously rectified by another astrologer.
The process of rectification is designed to arrive at a highly probable birth-time in cases where this information is completely unknown or suspect. I liken the rectification process to reverse-engineering; I endeavor to arrive at your time of birth based on the timing of significant events in your life. This service is the Full Natal Consultation with the additional rectification work that must be completed beforehand.



Follow-up Consultation ~ $100

Any time after our initial consultation, I am happy to speak with you again to address specific concerns or discuss strategies to meet your goals for the coming year. I am happy to provide you with a recording of the follow-up consultation should you wish.



Election Chart ~ $80

Just as there is a unique horoscope for the moment of our birth, so too is there a horoscope for the birth of any event. The art of electional astrology is the art of choosing the best possible “birth” moment for any event of significance. If you are planning a major move, home sale, wedding or business venture, working with an election chart is a great way to create an advantage for the start of the endeavor by choosing the best astrological environment in which to begin.
Once I know the specifics of the event or project you are planning, I will provide you with up three distinct times that I deem most favorable for its beginning. I will need to know the specifics of your time constraints before researching the ideal horoscope for your event.