Sun-Moon blends~Sun in Aquarius

As an astrologer and independent person with inclinations toward the unusual, it never ceases to amaze me when I learn that whenever I find myself saying of someone just met, “wow, what an unusual person” they turn out to have Sun in Aquarius. It never fails. The energy of the Sun in Aquarius is oriented toward independent and unconventional action yes, but there is also a connection to the collective-at its best, the electrical charge of innovative energy is the turbine that brings water to the world. Humanistic focus and social improvement are in the milieu of Aquarius.

As an air sign in the fixed modality, the expression can often be emphatic. Communication is potent and unyielding and often with an unusual insight or special kind of awareness at the ready. The Aquarian heart is most comfortable off the beaten path, finding a unique calling in life and ideally, one that touches others in a meaningful way. The way in which this energy is directed is greatly informed by the sign the Moon is in as well.  Here are some possibilities with those permutations of the Sun in Aquarius.

Sun in Aquarius-Moon in Aries:

With the emotional need to be first fueled by the electric and eclectic energy of Aquarius, this individual has the capability to be a true innovative trailblazer in the unique ways of their choosing. Generally, headstrong and self-willed, this blend shines brightly through intellectual force and sheer personal impact socially. The path in life is not chosen but created independently of others guidance. Often quick and confident in expression, the tone of this blend is softened and sensitized considerably if Mercury is in Pisces.  Ellen DeGeneres, Virginia Woolf, Michael C. Hall.

Sun in Aquarius-Moon in Taurus:

Two fixed signs in square promise developmental tensions informing the life path—growth can be monumental and influential as unique interests and specialties evolve and project the self into the world. One’s individual talents are developed in private. The energy to bring something new and unusual to the world for social betterment fuels the emotional need to keep things as they are or to make them be as they should. Tenacity and persistence are signatures. A balancing act is presented between the practical and impractical.  Germaine Greer, Geena Davis, Allison DuBois.

Sun in Aquarius-Moon in Gemini:

This blend is quite comfortable to explore and experiment in theoretical realms. Bright ideas and flashes of insight often emerge for this individual as par for the course. Intellectual curiosity and the thrill of the new are always alive and well here. Some anchoring or grounding influence may be sought from other areas of the chart or from other people. The social life is often busy as the need for stimulation and diversity in communication is so pronounced. Detachment is a natural gift.  William Burroughs, Elaine Pagels, Mo Rocca.

Sun in Aquarius-Moon in Cancer:

Although the two signs share neither element or modality, this blend of cardinal water and fixed air work well together with a shared orientation toward emotional connection with others. The humanistic impulses are aligned with the emotional need to find security so that a natural caretaker type emerges. The intellectual powers are given warmth and sensitivity. The home and family are of great importance and must allow the fostering of one’s unique gifts to develop.  FDR, Christian Dior, Benny Hill.

Sun in Aquarius-Moon in Leo:

In this fixed sign full moon blend, the humanistic urges also need ego recognition so that one’s unique talents are on display. This individual shines brightest when their avant-garde individualism is appreciated and respected by an audience of choice. Vibrant eccentricities draw attention and regard. Dramatic self-presentation is typical with this combination and getting notices comes effortlessly. Flexibility and a willingness adjust to others must be cultivated.  James Joyce, Joan Mcevers, Pamela Coleman Smith.

Sun in Aquarius-Moon in Virgo:

Cerebral approaches come naturally with this blend and ideally, the individual effortlessly works toward goals in service to one’s fellows. This is a cool and detached combo where the thrust of individualism is keenly and sharply focused in precise expression. There may be a tendency to tenacious or rigid focus on one’s own viewpoint. If Mercury is Pisces, the nature is much more sensitive and empathic. The energetic focus here is to improve upon what has come before. Gertrude Stein, Claes Oldenburg, John Travolta.

Sun in Aquarius-Moon in Libra:

In this blending of fixed and cardinal Air, the energy to do something original for and with others is easily supported by the emotional conviction to be appreciated and well-received socially. The romantic or flirtatious nature may be strong. A natural gift for charming one’s way into hearts and minds may be evident. Aesthetic interests tend toward the avant-garde and the individual with this blend is comfortable living in the theoretical or intellectual realms. Unique charms.  Loreena McKennitt, Bertold Brecht, Eduard Manet.

Sun in Aquarius-Moon in Scorpio:

With the emotional need to be in control in tension with the core life purpose energy of humanistic individualism, personal struggles can spur growth into wisdom and mastery or create obstinate feedback loops of self-satisfaction. The identity is tied up in having all the answers and needing to be heard and seen as brilliant, potent and trustworthy. Flexibility and empathy may need some encouragement to grow. If Mercury is in Pisces, the sensitivity to others may guide the way.  Jules Verne, Molly Ringwald, Talluleh Bankhead.

Sun in Aquarius-Moon in Sagittarius:

The life force energetic signature here is individualistic and freedom-loving. With the emotional need to have one’s worldview respected working in tandem with the drive to explore experimental realms with and for others, this individual is often known for intellectual insights and ingenuity. Independence is strong and progress is the goal. High-flying idealism or conceptualization can take the place of tangible outcomes. Large-scale endeavors may have special appeal.  Yoko Ono, John Belushi, Alice Cooper.

Sun in Aquarius-Moon in Capricorn:

The native has a unique ability to take their special talents and work diligently to successful fruition. The emotional nature is given focus of purpose so that leadership ability may be present. A lone wolf kind of persona may develop. Seriousness and focus define this blend. The energy to work with and for other to accomplish something meaningful is the driving force and if Mercury is in Pisces, the intuitive nature helps connect with others sympathetically. Cool detachment with depth of concentration and conviction is the auric signature.  Peter Gabriel, H.R Giger, Mia Farrow.

Sun in Aquarius-Moon in Aquarius:

With both luminaries in fixed air, the life purpose is oriented toward highly individualistic ways of making a mark on the world with considerable support and encouragement from friends and allies. Strength of purpose is often characteristic here with innovation and originality at the core of being. The intellect is given tremendous focus and structure if Mercury is in Capricorn, if it is in Pisces, the intuitive and psychic nature may be highly attuned to surroundings.  Angela Davis, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Eddie Van Halen.

Sun in Aquarius-Moon in Pisces:

This combination is the heart of the mystic. The sensitive nature that needs to merge with and deeply feel one’s environment is aroused by the energy to do something extraordinary with and for others. A profound compassion for others is suggested as the humanistic and intuitive elements work together. Heart and mind work well together to understand the world. Others may come to appreciate the native’s unique way of doing things. Eccentric.  Toni Morrison, Charlotte Rampling, Paul Newman.