Sun-Moon blends~Sun in Pisces

Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac necessarily embodies the transcendent wisdom that comes at the end of things. A mutable water sign, Pisces energy is sometimes elusive but behaviorally we can appreciate intuitiveness, deep sensitivity and a tendency toward self-sacrifice. The life lessons of this sign may carry a heavy burden of many lifetimes but also the wisdom of collective understanding. The feeling nature of Pisces is important to honor and understand. Ruled by the planet Neptune, the Piscean soul resonates with the intangible forces of life and the connective tissue of the universe.

The Sun in Pisces individual is generally adaptable, caring and empathic. If focus gets lost, suffering may come from victimization or various forms of self-annihilation. The ego state is unsure of itself and the sign tenancy of the Moon helps to fill out the picture. There is often a genuine kindness that emanates from Pisces and when cruelty takes its place, it is often the result of profound wounds that have not been healed.

Sun in Pisces-Moon in Aries:

The ego need to be out in front and right are supported by a sensitivity to others that softens the expression though the temperament may vacillate between intense drive and quiet introspection. The sign position of Mercury will help to fill out the picture here. The emotional life may be complicated by an active/passive duality. The pioneering spirit of the Aries Moon here can bring the Piscean Sun forward so that one’s view of the world is confidently shared. Fearlessness may be a defining feature.  Steve Jobs, Auguste Renoir, Gates McFadden.

Sun in Pisces-Moon in Taurus:

The sensitive and intuitive nature is articulated into tangible methods and substantive channels. This blend often finds a way to bring visions and ideals into the world as the emotional nature feels supported in life. The arts and aesthetic dimensions of life are usually quite keenly appreciated by this blend. Harmony is important. Others may instinctively trust or feel safe in the presence of this combination since mutable water and fixed earth offer nurturance and pervasive support.  B.F Skinner, Edgar Cayce, Pierre Cartier.

Sun in Pisces-Moon in Gemini:

The sensitive/feeling nature and intellect vie for attention, at times working well together to offer a dazzling array of ideas and expressions. The core of the self may feel ungrounded and always moving onto the next thing so that anchoring or grounding may be sought through other people or events. This individual knows how to appeal to others and entertain possibilities. Two mutable signs in square mean part of the life challenge is to be aware of reactive tendencies and to understand how resolving inner tension leads to growth.  Simone Biles, Lykke Li, Jennifer O’Neil.

Sun in Pisces-Moon in Cancer:

Finding one’s spiritual home is the quest of this combination and if it is already secure from an incarnation with a loving family, then the individual may be satisfied enough to nurture one’s self with dreams, fantasies or hard to define objectives.  Noel Tyl perfectly described the “lush emotionalism” here. One’s inner circle (clan and family) and outer circle (universal) are aligned. The sensitivity to what others are feeling can be debilitating of inspirational. Emotional security needs are driven by a desire to merge with the cosmos.  Kurt Cobain, David Cronenberg, Drew Barrymore.

Sun in Pisces-Moon in Leo:

Much depends on other factors in the chart to see where the balance of energies land-the reticence of Pisces is belied by the dramatic warmth of Leo’s need to be center stage and respected. Creative strengths are an asset. The energy to feel and understand and sacrifice is driven by the emotional need for theatrical intensity so that the demeanor is often pleasing and seemingly non-threatening. Hurt pride can run deep as the feelings are so important with this pairing. If Mercury is in Aries, the assertive, confident thrust of fire may mask the sensitive nature. Queen Latifah, Karen Carpenter, Ralph Nader.

Sun in Pisces-Moon in Virgo:

The mutable, full moon pairing here in earth and water engages the energies to gather information from the intellect and intuition and to do something of service with these gifts. Self-awareness of motives may be reassurance in a flood of insights and impressions. Sensitivity and analysis fuel unique viewpoints and perceptions- the sign position of Mercury will help shape the tone of deployment. Loneliness or alienation can become problems if other features in the chart suggest suppression or if the critical faculties of Virgo are turned inward.  Alexander Graham Bell, L Ron Hubbard, Jeanne Calment.

Sun in Pisces-Moon in Libra:

The innate kindness of this blend and eagerness to please others can easily lead to victimization.  Social grace and empathy are strengths to be explored. The arts and aesthetic appreciation are part of the core identity with this blend. Internal adjustments often need to be made to satisfy the primary need to be appreciated and well-received while allowing intuition and selflessness to flow. The feeling nature is attuned to satisfy the social identity. Appreciating the horoscope orientation by hemisphere is key to understanding the orientation here.  Nina Hagen, Nat King Cole, Alois Treindl.

Sun in Pisces-Moon in Scorpio:

The depths that can be felt and registered here are profound and the life is colored by emotional complexities and relationships that may need boundary clarification. Merging with and knowing all about another comes easily if motives are socially oriented. If the ego can be comfortable with the flow of information the self receives, great wisdom may be shared, but the giving and losing of control may be an issue. Intuition may be very strong and the feeling nature quite intense and rich.  Elizabeth Taylor, George Harrison, Johnny Cash.

Sun in Pisces-Moon in Sagittarius:

The dynamic energy generated by the tension with this mutable square in water and fire is focused into dispersal and dissemination of knowledge and insight. Philosophy, mysticism or spiritual alignment and religious concerns are all part of the core identity which may be highly variable and reactive to environmental patterns. The world view of this individual must be appreciated and respected. Visionary powers may be impractical or put to use depending on other features in the chart.  Albert Einstein, Bernadette Brady, Yuri Gagarin.

Sun in Pisces-Moon in Capricorn:

The hard edge of Capricorn is softened considerable by the receptive nature of Pisces here. And the intuitive and kind nature of Pisces is given structure to find professional focus.  The feelings inform the decision making process and the emotional need to measure progress through accomplishment is there, but the self brings compassion, helpfulness and sensitivity to one’s environment into the mix. The sense of humor may be keenly developed and a sharp intuition makes for humanistic insight.  Nina Simone, Bryan Cranston, Anaïs Nin.

Sun in Pisces-Moon in Aquarius:

An appreciation and understanding of the ineffable qualities of human nature and our connection to the cosmos is at the heart of the spirit of this blend. The mystic, spiritual dimensions of human life are a niche zone of access. The energy to work with the intangible is given focus and meaning through humanistic methods. The self may be somewhat reserved or inward seeking, less so if Mercury is in Aries. Devotion comes easily and others are refreshed by this individual’s spacious nature. Piet Mondrian, Manly P. Hall, Diane Arbus.

Sun in Pisces-Moon in Pisces: With both luminaries in mutable water, the life energies are poised toward the transcendent and the character traits being so aligned make for an unusual personality, sometimes dark or misunderstood. The feeling nature, intuition and capacity for self-sacrifice are well-developed. Finding a constructive way to communicate or focus all the intangible, ineffable sensory input the self receives is the key to finding one’s way in the world. Strong practical support from others helps this blend to thrive.  Michelangelo, Edward Gorey, Sybil