Sun-Moon blends~Sun in Sagittarius

Daily or monthly Sun sign horoscope columns continue to be as prevalent today as they were 50+ years ago and while they only barely touch the surface of what is possible with good astrology, they do serve to expose the general public to the idea of astrology’s ongoing social relevance as a vehicle for self -awareness and growth if used well and taught well. But the Sun sign is but one part of the whole.

Talking about and understanding Sun signs is easy for everyone because it is based only on the day of the year you were born — in order to know all of one’s natal chart you either need an astrologer or if you are interested enough to learn more and study your own chart, there are many options for free chart creation online such as Astrodienst. But even if you do not want to commit to formal study of astrology, it is good to have a sense of how astrologers use the art for insight.

Sagittarius is a fire sign in the mutable modality and with the Sun in this sign, we can anticipate that life energies of a person confidently poised toward bringing an ideal to light or to life and broadening the horizons of the self and others through travel, study and sharing insights. Often, this Sun sign position likes to operate on a large scale and is known to not be shy about voicing opinions. While some Sagittarian Suns are happy-go-lucky adventurers and others more the sagacious armchair traveler, both types share an appreciation for bringing the zeal of discovery to life and looking forward to the next big thing.

The Moon sign relationship with the Sun greatly modifies the energy signature in a person’s chart and is every bit as important as the Sun in understanding the essentials of what an individual needs for personal fulfillment or how to go about getting those needs met. The following are some thoughts for the Sagittarian Sun.

Sun in Sagittarius-Moon in Aries:

With the emotional need to be out in front being propelled by the energy for self-assertion to influence and expand perspectives, this blend sets up the potential for trailblazing ways of being. The personality is generally bold, confident and expansive in tone. An inclination to lead others seems innate as well as a strong independent streak. This individual needs things to be on their terms. Warmth and generosity of spirit are defining characteristics that can easily inspire and motivate those around.  Bill Hicks, Camille Claudel, Kiefer Sutherland.

Sun in Sagittarius-Moon in Taurus:

Imagination, idealistic vision and self-assertive energies are grounded in practicality with this blend of mutable fire and fixed earth. The Taurean Moon needs consistency and tangible measures in order to feel secure while the Sagittarian Sun’s energetic thrust is expansive and far-reaching in pursuit of goals to satisfy those needs. Sensual overindulgence may be familiar territory to these individuals. Exuberances for exploration and adventure can easily take forms in immediate sensory and physical pleasures. Jim Morrison, Dionne Warwick, Magnus Carlsen.

Sun in Sagittarius-Moon in Gemini: The dazzle and brilliance of the next fascinating thing on the horizon holds perennial appeal. Communication agility and opportunism for ways to reach a larger audience characterize this coupling. Diversified interests and a zeal for pushing forward with righteous vigor can lead to an insecure stance in the world if stability isn’t found elsewhere. This mutable blend can easily get carried away in ideas and projections if anchoring isn’t carefully established. The ability to inspire others with passionate language is a natural outflow. Howie Mandel, Tina Turner, Edith Piaf.

Sun in Sagittarius-Moon in Cancer:

In this blend, the lofty aspirational mindset merges with rich emotional sensitivity. One may be at one’s best while acting the role of a hermit/philosopher. If the emotional needs for the comfort of security within the family and domestic life are satisfied, the higher aspects of wise counsel flow comfortably. The early life may present many hurdles to gaining mastery over emotional volatility and fight or flight responses. Vibrancy comes from connecting with the world through the core of heartfelt convictions.  Tom Waits, William Blake, Jimi Hendrix.

Sun in Sagittarius-Moon in Leo:

This fire trine combination inspires loyalty and creative vigor. The energies to influence take on a regal bearing and the applause or praise that is required of others is easily and generously offered. Honor and valor are integral measures of character assessment. The will is focused on finding a niche in which to shine so that personal values and wisdom can be appreciated. The emotional need for recognition is superbly supported by the essential drive to pursue wider philosophical visions.  Thierry Mugler, Jane Fonda, Jean Genet.

Sun in Sagittarius-Moon in Virgo:

A mutable square of fire and earth, the tension here is between broad strokes and minutiae, between the perspective of the big picture and the details that make it up. Once the ability to integrate these perspectives is developed, the intellectual and communicative gifts of this blend are mighty indeed. Usual Sagittarian confidence may be undermined by anxiousness about precision. Learning to trust one’s own judgement over time will bring out the best of this blend. Candor and wisdom follow. Alec Grey, Sheila E, Frederick Engels.

Sun in Sagittarius-Moon in Libra:

The impulse to connect socially meets with the energetic thrust of opinionation so magnanimous traits may lead the way. What is right, fair and just may be of prime importance to the native. Ideas need to be given form, the voice needs to be heard in order influence and help correct mistakes. The aesthetic or romantic life may be extremely important. This blend is unafraid to rock the boat in pursuit of personally defined goals. Grand gestures and demonstrative positions are par for the course.  Noam Chomsky, Joffra Bosschart, Madeline L’Engle.

Sun in Sagittarius-Moon in Scorpio:

The emotional depth and intensity of Scorpio is lightened and focused more broadly with the Sagittarian Sun. The energy to exert influence can have a far-reaching impact. The self needs to be appreciated for specialized knowledge. Wit, candor and zeal characterize this blend. It is helpful here if a sense of humor can balance out any tendency toward one-sided opinionation. Insights are penetrating and the native has an instinct for knowing how to communicate with power.  Miley Cyrus, Steven Spielberg, Bruce Lee.

Sun in Sagittarius-Moon in Sagittarius:

With both luminaries manifesting the dynamic of mutable fire, the life energies are oriented toward the broadening of one’s horizons. Travel and intellectual and philosophical adventures are sought out to fulfill part of the essential need of this blend.  When elevated, the higher aspects of mind gains wisdom but along the way, the danger is that superficial opinionation may color the perspective. The aim is to affect thought, have one’s own opinion’s be respected and to be a source of inspiration to others.  Lucky Luciano, Jon Stewart, Ann Coulter.

Sun in Sagittarius-Moon in Capricorn:

The spirited and idealistic energies of Sagittarius find tangible modes of expression with the need press of the Capricorn Moon to give structure to impressions. Goals are set and achieved with ease and aspirational and abstract ideas can find solid application. Playful seriousness. In more defensive modes, a kind of self-righteousness can dominate the personality. A natural talent for teaching may be present as organizational skill and love of knowledge and opinionation combine.  Sarah Silverman, Brad Pitt, Helen Frankenthaler.

Sun in Sagittarius-Moon in Aquarius:

Life themes revolve around working with progressive, future-focused or inspirational ideologies and techniques. What is new, not yet imagined or innovative is of special importance. Independence and freedom of movement and thought are essential to happiness for the native. If sharp focus can be maintained, the ability to inspire others and share insights is easily accomplished but scattering of energies and inflexibility can also slow progress. Opinions are usually expressed quite emphatically.  Rainer Maria Rilke, Phillip K Dick, Britney Spears.

Sun in Sagittarius-Moon in Pisces:

Inner tension absorbed in the early home life here helps to create a drive to manage and create a framework outside of one’s self to adapt. The energy to affect thought and open up to new worlds of possibility fuels an emotional need to sacrifice, feel deeply and work with the intangible aspects of life to get at a clearer picture of reality. Philosophy, mysticism and spiritual work may be especially important parts of the native’s life focus. This positioning suggests working for a cause or personal mission.  Jeff Green, Christina Applegate, Gianni Versace.