Sun-Moon Blends~Sun in Scorpio

I think one of the reasons the sign of Scorpio has historically been so maligned is that it deals with extremes and is therefore not comfortable. It is also associated with the realms of life that are kept hidden. I prefer the modern connection of Scorpio with the mythology and symbolism of Pluto, that domain of the underworld where the life forces are held in reserve, unseen and mysterious. Scorpionic behaviors can run a gamut but rarely are they ever lighthearted or easygoing. The energy of the Sun in Scorpio seeks depths and heights and pursues insight and knowledge for environmental control. As the light of the Sun is reflected by the Moon, its sign position greatly modifies the manifestation of this energy as it seeks to fulfill the emotional needs represented by the Moon sign position.

Sun in Scorpio-Moon in Aries:

The Aries’ Moon need to be first, coupled with the Scorpio Sun’s energetic thrust toward extremes in pursuit of hidden knowledge can place this individual in a position of being a pioneer in highly specialized field and often an acclaimed self-promoter. This is a temperamental blend—requirements must be met for this person to feel at their best—passionate and unyielding. Care must be taken not to allow self-focused moods to dominate the life perspective. Gentleness is something to be cultivated.  Bill Gates, Jamie Lee Curtis, Francis Bacon.

Sun in Scorpio-Moon in Taurus:

This Full Moon type blend of fixed earth and water promises an indomitable spirit that works for fulfillment by creating practical, tangible reforms. The highs and lows of life are understood on a gut level.  This individual rouses the persistence to keep pushing forward to bring about the worldly security that is required of this blend. Tenacity to create the world the way the native sees fit is readily available and strong focus usually wins the day. This blend is comfortable mastering the mechanics of things to create the ideal reality.  Demi Moore, Fran Lebowitz, Joe Biden.

Sun in Scorpio-Moon in Gemini:

Perennially resourceful, this fixed water and mutable air blend needs to know or be in the know. The energetic drive to gain mastery is focused into realms of communication, intellect or ideas in various forms. Control vs. freedom, lightheartedness and depth vie for attention and there may be a life-long theme around this. The wit may be caustic but the presentation is dazzling. Research and study can easily satisfy the instinctive nature. Insight into human nature and the human condition may be a natural gift.  Roseanne Barr, Grace Slick, Auguste Rodin.

Sun in Scorpio-Moon in Cancer:

This water sign coupling creates an inviting and emotionally sensitive persona. With the emotional needs for creature comforts and security within the home and family satisfied, the expansive and intuitive nature can thrive and attract the kind of people needed to help give form and grounding to this blend. Control is understood and believed. The emotional life of this individual needs to be respected—hurt feelings can easily become a source of conflict—and issues around interpersonal boundaries may easily be omnipresent here.  Condaleezza Rice, Bob Ross, Andre Gide.

Sun in Scorpio-Moon in Leo:

The fixed, fire-water tension here works itself out sensationally and often dramatically for fulfillment of the emotional need to be regarded as commanding and resourceful. Often there is a strong sense of purpose or mission with this blend and the Scorpio dimensions can create a love of exposing the hidden or occult aspects of life. The self may be prone to temperamental extremes if the Leo need to be held in very high esteem is not satisfied properly. Insights into human nature are keen and penetrating.  Neil Gaiman, Maria Shriver, Kurt Vonnegut.

Sun in Scorpio-Moon in Virgo:

This blend, though it may seem quietly reserved or restrained, has the potential for quintessential perfectionism to guide the entire life focus. Security comes from worldly control of the minutiae. A natural sleuth, this individual strongly feels the emotional need for order and works passionately to create it. Excellence can really shine through here especially if altruistic motives are activated and trust allowed. Noel Tyl said of this combination, “expression of codes is made with disarming openness.” God or indeed, the Devil is in the details.  Gordon Ramsey, Jodie Foster, Terence McKenna.

Sun in Scorpio-Moon in Libra:

The emotional need for the Libra Moon is to be appreciated, valued socially and with the thrust of Scorpio energy behind it, the press for fulfillment is intense and pervasive. There may be a desire to work out the inner processes of transformation within relationships. The self must be reflected in others or others must change to accommodate. The more inner contentment and confident abiding are developed within maturity, the more capable the native is of sharing gifts of considerable vision and scope.  Erin Sullivan, Marie Antoinette, Leonardo DiCaprio.

Sun in Scorpio-Moon in Scorpio:

The concentrated focus of both luminaries in the fixed water sign Scorpio presents an encompassing need press for environmental control through knowing all about the mysteries of life. Self-assurance and magnetic purpose can be seductive components of a personality that can easily dominate or command others. Behaviors may run the gamut from self-destructive obsessiveness to transpersonal wisdom. The goal is to connect with others through special insight and share meaningful vision gathered from exploration into the transformative turns of life.  Björk, Whoopi Goldberg, Georgia O’Keeffe.

Sun in Scorpio-Moon in Sagittarius:

The Scorpio inclination toward deeper understanding can work well here with the Sagittarian Moon’s questing spirit so that specialized worlds are explored with great enthusiasm. Temperamental impulses can be channeled into ideals and professional goals effectively if the zeal of personal mission is handled adroitly. The passionate and emotional presentation of opinions and ideas about the world are part of the personal architecture. This blend is often interested in knowing and sharing more about the big picture of any given scenario.  Pablo Picasso, Billy Graham, Carl Sagan.

Sun in Scorpio-Moon in Capricorn:

Personal or professional ambitions propel this individual upward and onward to gain mastery and environmental control with ruthless application of energy. Tenacity and allegiance to goals that define the self as capable and strategically adept shade this personality. Even within a softer or more accessible persona, the need to align with or become an authority is at the core of this identity. Emotional satisfaction comes with trusting one’s own power and ability to accomplish difficult goals. George Patton, Nadia Comaneci, Cosey Fanni Tutti

Sun in Scorpio-Moon in Aquarius:

This individual arrives into the world with esoteric knowledge about the nature of humankind and often is born into a tense or challenging environment that propels the Self forward to seek out growth and renewal. Satisfaction comes from bringing unique humanistic insights to bear upon situations that allow a transformative vision to come to light. Eccentricities are dramatized and put on display. The status quo will never suffice with this blend. Intensity of purpose and mission can be expected.  Margaret Atwood, Caitlyn Jenner, Albert Camus

Sun in Scorpio-Moon in Pisces: The intuitive and emotionally tuned-in capacity of water here works on a deep level to grasp the pervasive zeitgeist or read a room and know just what to do or say. The energy to push toward highs and lows in order to gain profound knowledge is channeled through working with intangibles and ideals toward deeply personal goals. Mysteries are felt and solved. The hidden parts of life are intriguing, the unconscious motivations of others of interest. Control needs meet with willingness to self-sacrifice for a cause.  Robert Mapplethorpe, Hillary Clinton, Marie Curie