Sun-Moon Blends~Sun in Capricorn

Capricorn is an Earth sign in the Cardinal modality and when the Sun is in this sign in the natal horoscope, the core life energies are oriented toward mobilization of tangible forces to organize and administrate progress. Practical outcomes are valued, strategic implementation admired and methodology becomes a signature way of life. As Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, considerations of time—duration, maturation, growth—are instinctively appreciated by the natives with this placement. The individual with the Sun in Capricorn is generally known for an ability to get things done and form the backbone of any group. Where the Sun sign in the natal chart shows us the kind of available energy of life focus, the sign of the Moon represents the emotional needs of the individual, every bit as essential to understanding how the life is being lived through the astrology. The sign placement of the Moon in the natal chart will show us how the energy of the Sun sign is implemented, adapted or enhanced.

Sun in Capricorn-Moon in Aries:

The tension of this cardinal square in earth and fire generates the energy to form mountains. Fearless ambition and personal drive form the course of life trajectory. The essential life energy to administrate progress, get things done and achieve goals is propelled into first place so that being out in front is a natural place to live. The harder edges of personality may need some softening with empathy and introspection. The native is comfortable being singled out for excellence and can appear unstoppable when engaged emotionally.  LeBron James, Diane von Furstenberg, Heidi Fleiss.

Sun in Capricorn-Moon in Taurus:

This stolid and reliable pair work together synergistically to build and maintain practical, worldly structures that will endure. The emotional needs are met by steady application of resources toward a tangible objective. Managerial talent may be naturally available and pragmatism and a strong sense of duty, ensure others feel at ease with trusting the native with responsibility. These individuals can be long on stubborn tenacity and endurance. The life purposes pulse around themes of material mastery.  Diane Fossey, Kellyanne Conway, Robert Anton Wilson.

Sun in Capricorn-Moon in Gemini:

If the right balance can be struck between diversified intellectual pursuits and determined ambition, personal success is assured. The wit may be dry and caustic but the blend of air and earth creates a perspective of objectivity as well. The youthful sparkle of curiosity meets the sober administrative prowess of maturity in this blend and a unique brilliance can emerge as a result. Fulfillment requires that the need for variety is as satisfied as the need for accomplishment.  Jim Carrey, Joan Baez, Louis Pasteur.

Sun in Capricorn-Moon in Cancer:

A full Moon in the sign of its ruler-ship where it is most natural. Emotional convictions guide the ambitions and focus the life path toward steady and secure accomplishments. Self-awareness of one’s own needs motivates others to follow suit. Once the native’s sense of personal security is established, their ability to reach great heights knows no bounds. Learning to trust and be vulnerable with others may prove to be a challenge throughout life. Count on this blend for stalwart tenacity when the life energies are fully engaged.  Janis Joplin, Eartha Kitt, Phil Spector.

Sun in Capricorn-Moon in Leo:

Personal fulfillment comes from being appreciated and honored for what one does. Displays of theatrical or dramatic intensity work in tandem with administrative know-how and mastery to earn a spot at the top of one’s chosen realm. Dominance of others can become a short-fall if sensitivity and empathy is not nurtured or supported elsewhere in the chart. This individual feels an innate sense of royal entitlement that can shape behavior. The earth and fire blending supplies plenty of energy to get the ball rolling and keep it going tirelessly. Preeminence is assumed.  Noel Tyl, Marilyn Manson, David Bowie.

Sun in Capricorn-Moon in Virgo:

Two earth signs in trine promise practical management ability and strategic focus. The energy of the Virgo Moon seeks to perfect and refine which can slow down the pace of progress for the no-nonsense thrust of the Capricorn Sun to get things done. The process of personal growth can become caught up in over-analysis. Craftsmanship and skill are usually finely honed expressions of the ego with this blend. If Mercury is in Aquarius or Sagittarius, the imagination may reach out more expressively and boldly for attention and engagement.  David Lynch,  Tycho Brahe, Betty White.

Sun in Capricorn-Moon in Libra:

This cardinal sign square pairing needs both the sense of personal accomplishment and social support and accolades to feel fulfilled. An aloofness image of superiority can develop. The energy is to get things done and establish a solid identity on one’s own, but the emotional need will always be dependent on social appreciation or aesthetic harmony for deeper fulfillment. This duo is generally quite capable of people management. Finding a balance between detachment and social needs is essential.  Nicolas Cage, Eliza Dushku, Swami Vivekananda.

Sun in Capricorn-Moon in Scorpio:

This blend presents with a great deal of potential for power and willful worldly control. Ruthless application of energy is expected as the emotional needs are passionate, deep and tenacious in pursuit of the life purpose to make things happen. The native may tend toward hard-edged ways of temperament and remain entrenched in a given position. With maturity, a natural ability to master that which interests can make professional successes easy. Control through accomplishment.  Henry Miller, Soupy Sales, Régine.

Sun in Capricorn-Moon in Sagittarius:

The ambitiousness and capability to reach goals through methodical hard work is energized with the zeal, spirit and horizon- expanding need for knowledge. The desire for travel and spiritual exploration may be strongly present to help serve a higher aim than worldly acclaim. Mutable fire and Cardinal earth blend here to create a formidable nature that thrives on upward and outward movement. The opinions are generally strongly held.  Tiger Woods, Rod Serling, Jason Bateman.

Sun in Capricorn-Moon in Capricorn:

With both luminaries in cardinal earth, the life purpose revolves around the determination and ambition to overcome obstacles of all kinds. This is a no-nonsense arrangement. Personal accomplishments of a practical nature are highlighted. A sense of duty, order and realism may color the entire personality even if more lighthearted indicators are present in the natal. When supported by assistance from others who are trusted and valued, this individual can be counted upon to see things through.  Ray Merriman, Annie Lennox, Greta Thunberg.

Sun in Capricorn-Moon in Aquarius:

The emotional need to do something socially significant and unique is given structure and focus with this blend of cardinal earth and fixed air signs. Whatever the individual aims may be, the intellectual and organizational ability is innate to work with others to make them happen. Aloofness or detached pride in work may be off-putting if other indications in the natal are not there to warm things up. Structural innovations motivate. Flexibility must be learned. Louise Bourgeois, Andrew Yang, Gustave Doré.

Sun in Capricorn-Moon in Pisces:

The formidable force of cardinal earth to make things happen is softened quite a bit with mutable water synergy with this blend. Sensitivity and compassion inform the administrative focus. The imagination is usually fertile and personal goals may require self-sacrifice and spiritual, off-the-norm attention. This individual may feel like an old soul and world weariness can emerge. Keeping focus on long range goals may help this blend avoid falling into dark moods. Empathic feeling colors the drive toward goal achievement. Martin Luther King, Elvis Presley, Simone de Beauvoir.