“Jennifer is an expert astrologer. She was able to accurately tell me important dates and emotional patterns from my past. Using this information, she helped me to find professional direction, and reaffirmed which path would be beneficial and rewarding in my future. She gave me insight into the next year and a half by naming the optimum months and times in which my hard work would pay off. My consultation with her gave me a sense of security and confidence. I highly recommend her services.”~ R.W, Nyack, New York


“Jennifer’s consultations are much more than a simple “reading” or “horoscope” because, while she has a complete and masterful understanding of astrology, she has the added gifts of insight, intuition, and empathy which make a reading into an interactive, deeply illuminating conversation. She is able to explain abstract concepts with clarity and concision, and always with the perfect mix of tenderness and frankness. Consultations with her have proven helpful and rewarding to me as well as to friends and family members to whom I have recommended her.”~ C.L, Louisville, KY


“Jennifer’s work helped me connect events in my past that have significant impact on what is going on in my life at the moment. It gave me such insight about my life to go through the timing of things with her. The consultation threaded so many important times together in a way that I had not experienced before. It really made the markers she gave me for the future meaningful and striking.”~ M.R, Cincinnati, OH


“I embrace connection and vulnerability in my life. Always trying to piece together what may be happening next, kind of looking for a direction to take or a hurdle sensed around the bend to ready myself for. Trusting myself and interested in the bigger picture I began opening myself up to the very special process that has become my routine with Jennifer Riser. Her understanding of planet interaction and ability to listen to my experiences with them has created a picture of my emotional life with the universe and how I uniquely experience the path the planets are taking in my life. Her approach has partnered well with my curiosity, needs and have helped to guide where I focus my energy.  The results have been remarkable.”~ R.K, Tucson, AZ


“Wondering what the stars have in store for you this year? Feeling stuck in work or life or love, and longing for a little guidance? Enjoy a professional astrological consultation with the wonderfully intuitive and insightful Jennifer Riser, who generously donated one of her sessions for my silent auction fundraiser . Jennifer’s readings are meaningful and fun and caring, and I can’t recommend her more highly!”~A.W, Oakland, CA