Sun-Moon blends~Sun in Libra

Although the sign of Libra is always associated with ideas of harmony and balance, the expression energies of this sign are rarely if ever simply peaceful or placid. Libra is an Air sign in the Cardinal modality—the force of intellect and social dynamism engaged in an active, initiating way. If the Libra Sun sign is striving for harmony and balance in the world, in the personal life, the process itself is one of active, sometimes disruptive measures. Aesthetic appreciation is built into the Libra Sun nature but the social needs for appreciation and connection are just as important to fulfilling the spiritual needs. The sign placement of the Moon sign should be considered in tandem with the Sun in getting a foundational understanding of any horoscope. Here are the permutations for the Venus-ruled, Sun in Libra:

Sun in Libra-Moon in Aries:

With the energy poised toward social engagement and the emotional need set to be first and to initiate interactions, this blend creates a vibrant and dynamic force in the world. The Libra Sun can soften the blazing thrust of the Aries Moon so that charm is used adroitly to get one’s way. There is tremendous fight, spirit and personal flair with this blend. This full moon dynamic presents personality traits that need to be noticed by others for satisfaction.  A life-long challenge for this individual may be in knowing when to accept things as they are or to let others take the lead.  Kamala Harris, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez,  John Coltrane.

Sun in Libra-Moon in Taurus:

Both signs here are Venus-ruled making the realm of the Arts and aesthetics along with human-centered harmonies, the dominion of this blend. Stability and consistency of focus often ingratiate this individual to others as the charm of the personality feels reliable and trustworthy. The need for peace and social comfort and harmony is pronounced and this individual may work to build strong relationships toward that end.  Carrie Fisher, Sigourney Weaver, Jesse Jackson.

Sun in Libra-Moon in Gemini:

I call this double Air combination “the juggler” because it evokes an image of one maintaining balance of diverse components. Communication skills are generally refined and well developed here as the intellectual curiosity takes a decidedly social turn. Wit, humor and conversational talent are all easy manifestations of this blend wherein the owner is known for being articulate and entertaining. An audience in some form may be needed for this individual to feel fulfilled. Barbara Walters, Ursula LeGuin, Groucho Marx.

Sun in Libra-Moon in Cancer:

While the Moon is at home in this sign, the tension of this Cardinal square seeks resolution and adjustment in working harmoniously with others for shared, common goals. Feeling at ease and well supported in the family are key starting points for this blend to flourish socially and share the gift of making others feel at home in the world. Nostalgia and romance may be very strongly developed characteristics of this blend. If other chart factors suggest it, this blend may wish to avoid making waves, the desire to please and care-take being quite strong. Paul Simon, Eleanor Roosevelt, Janeane Garafalo.

Sun in Libra-Moon in Leo:

The internal synergy of this congenial blend promises that the attention and appreciation that the owner needs to feel most alive, is all but guaranteed. The emotional need of the Leo Moon to be honored and highly regarded dovetails nicely here with the energy of the Libran Sun that is always striving for social acclaim, connection and influence. The personality is attractive, alluring and barring other factors in the natal chart to the contrary, quite confident of its power to influence and lead.  Catherine Deneuve, Mahatma Gandhi, Oscar Wilde.

Sun in Libra-Moon in Virgo:

With the emotional need to be exacting and correct in all things and the energetic push to people-please, at times this blend may find indecision and doubt creeping into the perspective, significantly less so if Mercury is in Scorpio. Analysis is everything—knowing just what to say, just the right thing may be characteristic of this blend as perfectionism can spill into relationships. This blend may too be more introspective than other Libra Suns, as the Moon is waning close to new and Virgo needs to make sure all the details are in order to feel worthy.  Deepak Chopra, Shakti Gawain, Frank Herbert.

Sun in Libra-Moon in Libra:

With all of the life force energy so focused in the realms of romantic love, social appreciation and connection, it is important in understanding this blend to consider the sign placements of Mercury and Venus for contrast. This individual tends to need approval and validation from others, but also tends to get it. Beauty in its myriad forms plays an important role in the lives of the Libra New Moon person. Aesthetic considerations color the perspective of this individual. It must be lovely. It must be pleasing.  Sting, Andrea Dworkin, Mary K. Greer.

Sun in Libra-Moon in Scorpio:

There is a bit of the iron fist in the velvet glove dynamic going on in this blend. The core life energy of the Libra Sun to engage socially and build relationships is fueled by hard to articulate desires. Motives may be kept secret and the tensions between public and private life may cause some difficulty. This is not a blend that can let thing ‘go’ easily as the drive to shape outcomes is strong. Passionate investment in relationships is essential. If taking a base turn, manipulation can be an effective tool toward getting needs met, but evolved types seek transformation and healing with others.  Snoop Dog, Louise Hay, Will Smith.

Sun in Libra-Moon in Sagittarius:

The vibrant synergy of this fire and air sextile suggests a personality full of romantic ideals and adventurous plans for fulfillment. Potentially a brilliant conversationalist, this blend needs for an audience to value and respect their considerably well-thought out, far-reaching philosophies and visions. Other areas of the chart might suggest more grounded, practical footing, but this blend tends toward being high-energy, restless and ready for anything. Romance may have a very special meaning for this blend.  Issac Mizrahi, Fredrich Nietzsche, bell hooks.

Sun in Libra-Moon in Capricorn:

With the Capricorn Moon’s need to administrate progress in tense relationship to the Libra Sun’s thrust for social appreciation and collaboration—the temptation to manage people is always present. If the mind is set upon creating and building things of value, success is all but guaranteed. This blend can get “it” done in style and leave others feeling like they are standing still. Cardinal earth and air in dynamic tension is a whirlwind, the outcome of which is often masterful.  Susan Sarandon, Steve Severin, Enki Bilial.

Sun in Libra-Moon in Aquarius:

This air trine blend is all about sharing a unique view with others about the world and the people in it. Ideas and insights may be highly experimental, including views on relationships. Double air allows this combination to think freely and explore the realm of ideas unencumbered by doubts and reactions. This individual seeks to be a unique force for social change and can usually find a pleasing way to get ideas across to the largest possible audience. Curiously, there may also be a bit of a stubborn feeling of rightness that is pervasive.  John Lennon, Timothy Leary, Addison Rae.

Sun in Libra-Moon in Pisces:

I nicknamed this blend the hopeless romantic because of the potential for the people-pleasing tendency of the Libra Sun to get lost in a swoon of empathy for others with the Pisces Moon.  Noel Tyl described this blend as a student of human nature. Usually, this blend appears congenial and non-threatening because the intuitive nature works effortlessly in social environments. Connections are important and harmony is sought in all engagements. This individual may be comfortable sacrificing their own needs for another’s without feeling threatened.  Aleister Crowley, Kim Kardashian, Meat Loaf.

Appreciating the essential energy dynamics of the Sun-Moon blend in a horoscope is but one key component of good astrological interpretation. This is foundational. Major aspects to either the Sun or Moon (or indeed, to the Sun/Moon midpoint) from an outer planet carry significant weight in how personality and identity are expressed.