Sun-Moon blends~Sun in Virgo

The sign of Virgo is an Earth sign in the mutable modality. Ruled by Mercury, and associated with the process of digestion and assimilation of nutrition, Virgo needs to dissect, analyze and employ discernment with all the information that comes to it. Virgo is a sign of service to others and the energy of refining processes often goes on behind the scenes. Virgo instinctively knows how and why it is important that the details are minded. The Virgo Sun represents the energy toward refinement, discrimination and perfecting process while the flow of that energy is strongly modified both by aspects in the nativity and by the Moon sign alone. Here are the  permutations to consider for the Virgo Sun:

Sun in Virgo-Moon in Aries:

A challenging pairing as the Aries Moon needs to be out in front while the Virgo Sun pulls back for analysis and more information. This individual may lead the charge in some ways while also being unsure or in constant self-check mode. Noel Tyl said of this blend, “the tail wags the dog.” Like other fire and earth combos, this blend can be unstoppable once a path has been started upon. Communication power is invigorated by zeal, uniqueness  and initiative.  Bernie Sanders, Jean-Michel Jarre, Lily Tomlin.

Sun in Virgo-Moon in Taurus:

This earth sign trine is energy focused on the practical details of life. Management of resources is an innate skill with this blend where the energy to refine and discriminate is channeled effectively into worldly results to work towards and ideal or to keep things running smoothly. The concerns of the material world are mastered out of hand. Analysis of the status quo can keep things in a zone of stasis where strong movement from outside is needed for growth. If Mercury is in Libra, the aesthetic/artistic nature may be especially prominent.  Jane Curtin, Peter Sellers, Greta Garbo.

Sun in Virgo-Moon in Gemini:

Both signs here are Mercury-ruled so that intellectual pursuits dominate the identity. The energy of learning is pervasive in the native’s approach to life. Adaptability and facility with diverse forms of communication are signature traits of this blend that needs freedom of ideas and respect for analysis to thrive. There may be a distinct tendency toward living in one’s head or working with theories and missing the juice of life as a cool kind of detachment colors this persona, especially if Mercury is also in Virgo.  John Cage, Buddy Holly, Zipporah Dobyns.

Sun in Virgo-Moon in Cancer:

In this blend, the emotional center is everything as it orients the native to find the most fulfilling ways to be secure. The analytical and cool mind of Virgo is nurtured by the warmth of Cancer-daily routines may be especially important here to maintaining the best mindset. Noel Tyl wrote of this blend, “shyness and charm are built upon a specific and conventional code of behavior.” Anxiety and temperament easily show if things are not just as they need to be in the native’s environment.  Keenau Reeves, Dave Chappelle, Michael Faraday.

Sun in Virgo-Moon in Leo:

Classic Virgo restraint and poise is warmed up a bit and channeled into expression that guarantees notice so that the native is brought into the limelight more than usual here. Confidence in ability and a need for admiration and adoration may bring out an arrogant affectation. The energy is there to refine and discriminate and often to work in service toward a goal while the emotions are most deeply satisfied with praise—a challenging combination for fulfillment that relishes applause for accuracy and precision.  Amy Poehler, Shaun King, Alexander Skarsgård.

Sun in Virgo-Moon in Virgo:

The powers of discrimination and intellectual refinement are at a peak with this Mercury-ruled blend. Clearly, if Mercury is also in Virgo, the intense focus on the cerebral side of things can get out of balance and insular. Life lessons are in understanding that ideals of perfection are a process of refinement to be enjoyed, not a duty to be enslaved by and that self-acceptance, if not total, may be the easiest and most difficult task of all. The double Virgo individual needs exacting standards to be met for emotional fulfillment to be enjoyed.  Nick Cave, Fiona Apple, Jada Pinkett Smith.

Sun in Virgo-Moon in Libra:

In this blend, the energy of discernment and refinement is channeled into a social sphere, into relationships so that the emotional need to be well-liked and popular is fulfilled. An innate talent for knowing just what to say or do with cool detachment can develop so that the native appears detached or even snobbish as analysis is always working toward improvement. Communication power too is likely to be a natural asset and if Mercury is also in Libra, a highly developed aesthetic sense is suggested.  Tom Hardy, Agatha Christie, Gloria Star.

Sun in Virgo-Moon in Scorpio:

It must have been this blend who invented the phrase “the devil is in the details.”  This individual is on a personal mission to gain mastery and control in a specific, private realm. The energy to use intellectual refinement in all things is married to the emotional need to reach depths and ascend to heights. Finding a middle path or lightheartedness may be its own kind of challenge. A desire for perfection can be a challenge here too as the need to get things just right is important on a subconscious level.  Chrissie Hynde, Maria Montessori, Beyonce Knowles.

Sun in Virgo-Moon in Sagittarius:

This Mutable square takes discriminatory and analytical skills into philosophical realms. Ideas and belief systems are studied to bring values down to earth, mind and spirit working in tandem. This native may need to toggle back and forth between the big picture perspective of life and scrutiny of the minutiae. Generosity of spirit and helpfulness are a natural expression with this blend. Ideally, this individual needs to be appreciated for wisdom, intellectual skill and observational prowess.  Mary Shelley, Liz Greene, Warren Buffett.

Sun in Virgo-Moon in Capricorn:

This double Earth-sign duo is the epitome of administrative organizational cohesion in action. Methodical by nature, this blend derives true satisfaction from mapping out and executing detailed plans of all kinds. Both patient and thorough, this individual means business in whatever they set their minds upon. The energy to refine and discriminate is channeled into fulfilling the need to get things accomplished—the settings of an adroit manager, this combination embodies practical capability and stable resource management.  Tim Burton, Patsy Cline, Diamanda Galas.

Sun in Virgo-Moon in Aquarius:

Innovative analysis is the signature of this cool, seemingly detached pairing. The combination of energies needs to assess and assimilate information in unique ways and ultimately be of some kind force for change in a social service capacity to feel most deeply fulfilled. Those closest to people with this blend may know well of their quirkiness, altruism and desire for progress in humanistic matters. The need to be helpful is pronounced and intellectual insight off of the norm is all but guaranteed. Sophia Loren, David Copperfield, Joan Jett.

Sun in Virgo-Moon in Pisces:

The precise poet —this blend is highly sensitive to the needs of others and often finds the instinct to be helpful can easily become overwhelming. Intellect and intuition work effortlessly hand in hand with this individual so that insightfulness is a valued personality trait. With the need to work with the intangible side of life but with the thrust of intellectual refinement, this blend is well suited for anything that demands an ego-less effort to get things done. The healing arts may be very appealing. Leonard Cohen, Nancy Spero, Jack Black.