Sun-Moon blends~Sun in Leo

B.Higbee art

The Sun is at home in Leo. Persons with the Sun in Leo naturally seek recognition through creative self-expression. These individuals possess a confident warmth and radiance that can be magnetic and inspiring. Leo is a fire sign in the fixed modality-this is a creative, generative sign that often finds its self at the center of things. Drama, theatricality and intense conviction of viewpoint are often seen characteristics. The Leo character needs to know it is loved, admired and respected. The sign is associated with the heart center and spine as the core of the human body like the Sun is the center of our system.

The sign placement of the Moon will offer unique lenses for the emanation of this energy to shine forth in the world. Let’s take a look into the possible combinations for the Leo Sun.

Sun in Leo-Moon in Aries:

A kind of diva persona can develop with this blend as the emotional need to be out in front is propelled forward by an equally deep drive toward recognition and esteem. Barring other factors in the natal chart, this is an unusually confident blend that can lead toward self-centeredness. Leadership potentials are here as maturity comes and ego drives find very little effort is required to be center stage. This is an inspirational and action-focused combination with much energy directed toward initiating creative enterprises.  Whitney Houston, Lynda Carter, Antonio Banderas.

Sun in Leo-Moon in Taurus:

This blend of the Sun in its domicile with the Moon exalted in fixed earth, presents a steady and self-assured persona. The sensual nature may be thoroughly enjoyed and explored while a stubborn righteousness serves to guard against intrusion. With two fixed signs, an instinctive resistance to change is a potential character trait. Reality must be shaped in such a way that this individual’s importance is secured and worldly security confirmed through others. This can be an indomitable combination.  Bill Clinton, Mick Jagger, Carl Jung.

Sun in Leo-Moon in Gemini:

Flexibility and versatility of thought and feeling maneuver effortlessly to bring the personality forward where heartfelt passions can be shared. This is a lively blend where ideas are often expressed in dramatic fashion, broadcasting the light of the Self outward in many forms like glittering jewels. Anchoring in organization and focus from other chart patterns can bring the high and light energies down to earth. The intellect takes center stage as the means toward recognition and honor.  Amelia Earhart, Barack Obama, Garrison Keillor.

Sun in Leo-Moon in Cancer:

Each luminary is in the sign it rules so that the personality is generally comfortable, self-assured and sensitive to other’s needs. The energy to seek recognition can find an easy comfort zone within a loving family that is essential for this blend to shine brightest. There is a great deal of heart, warmth and compassion for others that flows out into the world. If Mercury happens to be in its ruling sign of Virgo, this individual has three final dispositors in the natal chart—the analytical mind is supported by emotional sensitivities and a loving nature.  Mae West, Sean Penn, Aphex Twin.

Sun in Leo-Moon in Leo:

With both luminaries in fixed fire, the ego commands and generally gets the attention, recognition and admiration it desires. This individual may have a strong magnetic surface appeal that covers a hardcore, inflexible nature. Life lessons are about the giving of love and creative self-expression in cooperation with others—the New Moon birth is focused on becoming and needs dynamic push and pull from outside for growth. The double Leo heart beats proudly and fiercely, loyalty from others is expected.  Charlize Theron, Halle Berry, Patrick Swayze.

Sun in Leo-Moon in Virgo:

Typical Leo cocksureness is tempered considerably with the Moon in Virgo. Analysis and circumspection help create a path for success. In this blend,  the need for recognition is reigned in because of the core emotional concern for precision and exacting insight. The spectacle in presentation of self may be a brilliant and finely honed jewel. Mutable earth allows here too for some flexibility adaptation so that the ego can shine in ways that are in service to others in some way.  Robert Redford, J.K Rowling, Madonna.

Sun in Leo-Moon in Libra:

The ego energies to put the self forward for recognition are channeled intensely into social interaction and engagement. The need to be regarded as significant for one’s gifts, charms, and talents finds fulfillment when one is center-stage but the personality has innate people skills and can be a lively, dynamic communicator. Personal warmth and attractiveness to others is potent and the personality is prone to be swayed by flattery. Focus on social causes, or anchoring in creative activity can go a long toward grounding the Self with purpose.  Julia Child, Michelle Yeoh, Tori Amos.

Sun in Leo-Moon in Scorpio:

The dynamic tension between these fixed signs in fire and water produces a magnetic, robust and passionate disposition that can easily become dramatically temperamental. With the reigning emotional need to control the environment through deep knowing, this powerful combination does well when self-knowledge and motivations are fully explored. Biases may be strong. Some lifelong themes for this individual revolve around use of personal power and learning flexibility and acceptance.  Marcel Duchamp, Stanley Kubrick, Alfred Hitchcock.

Sun in Leo-Moon in Sagittarius:

This blend of fire in trine relationship is zealous enthusiasm incarnate. The energy to gain recognition finds fulfillment easily through the expression of opinion, viewpoint.  Inspiring others can be a natural gift and care should be taken to challenge one’s self to bring the high flying energy down to earth for practical application—easier should Mercury be in Virgo. Leadership potentials are here, as well as a pull toward adventure and creative exploration. Daring and dramatic flair are trademarks of the persona.  Neil Armstrong, Martha Stewart, Ray Bradbury.

Sun in Leo-Moon in Capricorn:

Energies for ego recognition mean business here. The structure of the life is focused all around getting to the top of the heap and organizing efforts to be an authority. The enormous power potential in this blend can be indomitable as the personality is driven to unrelenting pursuit of personal goals. Organizational talent works in tandem with the creative thrust of the persona toward ambitious personal or professional goals. Excellent positions for a leader in any field.  Lucille Ball, Arnold Schwartzenegger, Yves Saint Laurent.

Sun in Leo-Moon in Aquarius:

The thrust for ego recognition is channeled dramatically into social service, humanistic ideals or cutting edge concepts. The fire of Leo works deliberately with a cool air of detachment so that the noble altruism is possible with wisdom and maturity. The creative talents may be quite avant-garde and original. Though a stubborn tendency may be present, it is offset somewhat the dazzling intellectual brightness and interest in society as a whole. This full Moon combination needs to be socially significant to feel alive and fulfilled.  Fidel Castro, Beatrix Potter, Henry Ford.

Sun in Leo-Moon in Pisces:

Grant Lewi wrote of this blend, “You understand the value of material expediency, though in moral issues you will not give an inch.” Fixed fire and mutable water do not share any common elements or modalities so adjustments are made ideally so that the deep sensitivity of this blend allows for the ego to shine in ways that fulfill the need to exercise compassion and empathy. Sacrifice for others or a cause may be a way to do this. This is a fascinating blend of vulnerability and strength here. Intuitive grasp brings honors and admirers. Coco Chanel, Robert DeNiro, Gene Roddenberry.