Sun-Moon blends~Sun in Cancer

Continuing with an exploration into the Sun-Moon blends, we begin again here with the sign of Cancer for the position of the Sun. The sign of Cancer is ruler by the Moon so its sign placement for this sun sign is of special sensitive importance as a carrier of emotional power. The native Cancer Sun sign individual is in touch with their emotional nature more fully than all the other signs. The essential energetic nature of cardinal water is concerned with the force of emotional power and connection to nurture, protect and defend that which provides security and safety. Family, home and roots are all important areas of focus for this energy to find resonant expression.

Sun in Cancer-Moon in Aries:

The Aries Moon person can be found out in front, leading or taking charge to fulfill the heartfelt emotional need to be first. With the Cancer Sun the emotional nature encompasses a level of sensitivity that allows for the forwardness of the Moon here to be well-received by others. Like a skilled chess player, this combo has both offensive and defensive skills at the ready and knows just how to self-promote in a non-threatening way. This is a blend that has innate understanding of others and will to fight coupled with emotional intensity.  George Sand, Donna Cunningham, Benedict Cumberbatch.

Sun in Cancer-Moon in Taurus:

This is a fertile combination that easily commands resources to preserve and create security, emotionally and practically. Even if impassioned and expressive, there is a deep level of purpose and unflappable nature that comes through and creates an aura of gracious beauty. This blend may be known for tenacity and producing results. Appeals are heartfelt and confidently presented. The sextile between Sun and Moon suggests strong inner support systems probably modelled by the parents.  Meryl Streep, Elizabeth Warren, Frida Kahlo.

Sun in Cancer-Moon in Gemini:

Nervous energy and intuitive sensitivity combine here so that the senses may be too sharp for comfort and emotional volatility can run the show. The Gemini Moon is intellectually restless driven outwards by the heart centered core desire for emotional comfort and security. The challenge is to find a serene center from which to operate, the self feels and intuits so much of the environment that anxiety is often the result. If inner security is achieved, the bright intellect can find excellent expression with communicative flair.  Adam Schiff, Dianne Feinstein, Robert Heinlein.

Sun in Cancer-Moon in Cancer:

The home is everything with this combination. The need for self-protection and withdrawl from the potential hurts of the world are great as the sensitivities are high. The conjunction in cardinal water focuses the energy of the soul into emotional security concerns especially within the family. If Mercury is also in Cancer, extremes in behavior might need some counterbalance from other parts of the chart to get out of one’s own inner world. The feelings and intuitive perceptions are rich and with time, evolved.  Harrison Ford, Courtney Love, Elizabeth Kubler-Ross.

Sun in Cancer-Moon in Leo:

The luminaries are in mutual reception establishing an inner warmth and confidence. There is a goodly amount of dramatic intensity to the showing of emotions but from a secure standpoint that inspires trust from others. The energetic thrust to build emotional security can take on a theatrical character to fulfill the need to be loved and admired. Domestically, this individual is queen or king of the castle and feels a sense of pride from intuitive understanding and being trustworthy.  Antoine de Saint-Euxupery,  Tom Hanks,  Lana del Rey.

Sun in Cancer-Moon in Virgo:

The keen edge of Virgo sharpness is softened considerably with this blend so that the sensitivity to others brings compassion to the need for exactness and precision. Emotional conviction works in harmony with conscientiousness and mental discipline for this individual. If out of balance or stressed, this combination may tend toward criticism and worry, but when self-confidence and calm are established, helpfulness and service to others and one’s own family are rewarding avenues for expression. Daily rituals are especially important.  HH 14th Dalai Lama, Anjelica Huston, Beck.

Sun in Cancer-Moon in Libra:

With this cardinal square in water and air, the internalized tension between the need for self-preservation and the need for social approval is the driving force of the personality. Gathering support and consensus helps to fortify the personal sense of security. Learning about trust in relationships may be a central theme throughout life. The Libran Moon can easily take comfort in aesthetic forms as well, especially as they relate to anything that offers enhancement to the home base. There is initiating force in the personality to stir things up and settle them back down. Nikola Tesla, Antonio Gaudi, Malala Yousafzai.

Sun in Cancer-Moon in Scorpio:

The emotional force of the personality is of paramount importance in this blend. Environmental control and mastery can easily be lifelong issues in developing identity. The need for emotional security is bolstered and works in tandem with the need to control through deep and penetrating knowledge. A quagmire of secrecy and self-indulgence can develop if other channels are not cultivated. The personal magnetism can be inspirational and comforting when trust and security are firmly established.  Artemesia Gentileschi, Julian Assange, Patrick Stewart.

Sun in Cancer-Moon in Sagittarius:

The comfort zone is expanded with this blend so that philosophical, ethical or intellectual concerns help to build a bridge into the future for long term security. Mutable fire and Cardinal water do not share modality or elemental natures so the native may be especially driven, even obsessed with fulfilling both the desire to be highly regarded and wise and providing one’s self with emotional security and comfort. An armchair traveler may emerge with this combination as a safe way to fulfill both needs.  Mike Tyson, Hunter S. Thompson, Shelley Duval.

Sun in Cancer-Moon in Capricorn:

Full Moon in the sign of its detriment. The greater the self-awareness, the more successful the individual with this blend will be at working compassionately with others to achieve shared goals. The energy to preserve emotional security is the force working relentlessly to get things done so that a kind of isolationism can take hold. Sensitivity is employed usefully and the hard-edged practical side is softened by innate caring and concern. This blend may present a very tough exterior.  Marianne Williamson, Ernest Hemingway, Edgar Degas.

Sun in Cancer-Moon in Aquarius:

The energy of nurturing can take on less personal forms through humanistic aims and ideas with this blend. Knowledge of history will be a powerful ally to build a strong personal base where the Self can find security in innovation and contemporary ideals. Working for the betterment of society in some way is a natural fit with this combination that may imagine utopian visions. Emotional identity may be connected to a smaller sub-group-the avant-garde and unconventional hold appeal.  Angela Merkel, Emma Goldman, Princess Diana.

Sun in Cancer-Moon in Pisces:

This watery trine blend is incredibly sensitive to everyone and everything in the environment, adjusting to fit the conditions. Intuition is usually excellent and allows the individual to trust being on the right path. Personal sacrifices are usually very easily made and martyrdom can develop if a strong focus is not established. The emotional nature is a defining characteristic. Grant Lewi called this a “sailboat personality”, secure in itself but needing to continuously adjust to surrounding conditions.  Robin Williams, Herman Hesse, Buckminster Fuller.