Astrology ~First Half of December 2015

Zealous Pursuit


While we are still feeling the influence of the changes brought about during the Saturn-Neptune square, it is time to look ahead to the coming weeks. The Uranus-Pluto square, while no longer in exact aspect, has been the astrological drumbeat to the soundtrack of our lives since 2012. The energy of this square is the stuff of revolution and upheaval, sweeping changes that even if only on an individual level necessitate a brand new perspective. This month both Mars and swiftly moving Mercury move into dynamic interplay with Uranus and Pluto, bringing that powerful shifting energy back into awareness.

Those with 14 to 16 degrees of the Cardinal signs sensitive in their natal charts and those born within the following dates will be especially keyed into the energy this month: January 4th~6th, April 3rd~5th, July 5th~7th and October 7th~9th.

The square of Mars to Pluto is exact on December 6th and the days leading up to this day will be colored by this transit. This is a potent and forceful planetary pairing and with Mars moving to oppose Uranus on the 10th, there is volatile energy in this week that seeks release. The Mars-Pluto dynamic invokes action with depth and breadth, the kind that require stamina and thoroughness, an intense application of available resources.

The influence of the Mars-Uranus opposition is immediate, often abrupt and unexpected. Drives are intensified and if the days leading up to the 10th of December have been fraught with frustration, anticipate a sudden act to break the ice, allowing a brand new experience to enliven your perspective. Expect dramatic turnarounds this week. There is nothing gentle about the frenetic energy during this phase so a word of caution is in order to set a steady rhythm and be mindful of the temptation to go to extreme measures, compulsively.

Not more than a few hours after the Mars-Uranus opposition becomes exact on the 10th, the Moon moves into join the Sun in Sagittarius. The New Moon, this time in the sign of Mutable Fire beckons us to inner and outer exploration. The time is ripe to chart new territory even if only in the realm of ideas, concepts and beliefs. Impermanence is the universal constant. Sometimes we need a reminder of this to snap us out of routines. It may be worth consideration to expand on whatever may come up for you at this New Moon. If the events of the last week have glaringly exposed an area of life that needs change, now is the time to honor that need and set the intention to move forward with conviction.

Be well and thank you for reading.

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