November 2015 ~Magical Realism

Each New Moon symbolizes the beginning of a new cycle. The conjunction of the Sun and Moon is an appropriate time to set intentions for the coming month, to plant the seed ideas for what we want to see manifest in our lives.
The New Moon in Scorpio this month on the 11th will usher us into a vibrant and potentially challenging several weeks. This dark Moon invites transformation through catharsis, emotional releasing for healing. Take the time to nourish your soul, to remember and honor that which is truly supportive and sustaining in your life and listen to your instincts about what needs to be purged from your life.

The nature and quality of the energies that are unfolding this month make this New Moon a great time to recharge your batteries, clear away clutter in the many forms it can take and to dedicate or re-dedicate yourself to a healing practice. The supportive and flowing energies on the 13th with the sextiles of Venus to Saturn and Mercury to Jupiter should be helpful for productive idea generation and structuring and affirming commitments.
In the following week, desires may feel more urgent as Venus moves into square with Pluto on the 20th then into opposition with Uranus on the 23rd. The air is charged during this phase. Anticipate emotional intensity and surprises in your interactions and watch for a tendency to go to extremes. Pay special attention to the day of the 22nd when the Moon is conjunct Uranus. Over and over again I have observed this aspect to correlate with suddenly disrupted plans and unexpected results and that potential is magnified by the engagement of Venus.
The really big news this month is the square of Saturn to Neptune. The tension of this square has been building for the last few weeks and will continue to be an influential tone through the beginning of December. The Full Moon on the 25th coincides with the exact square of Saturn to Neptune pressing for break-up, break-down and/ or breakthrough. We can expect a culmination of developing events at this time making it increasingly clear that in some part of our lives or in the lives of our kith and kin, significant adjustments need to be made to bridge the real and the ideal.
The tension of this aspect may force an awareness of boundaries or the lack thereof in some area of life as the nature of Saturn to create structure, to delineate and define, challenges the transcendent nature of Neptune. Issues around fragility, entropy and the need for consistent maintenance of neglected parts of life are likely to surface during this period. Working in accord with this energy will require flexibility and attentiveness so that we can be more effective and responsible in making our visions of how things should be made manifest.
Those with 6-8 degrees of the Mutable signs prominent in their natal charts and those born on or near February 26th, May 28th, August 30th and November 29th will be especially sensitive to this Saturn-Neptune transit. For them, this final week of November may be a critical time for fulfillment of plans as well as a time that demands much of personal energy reserves.

art by Catherine Nelson

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