The Sun-Moon blends~Sun in Taurus

Continuing with our look into the 144 combinations of Sun-Moon blends, now we begin with the sign of the Bull. Taurus is an earth sign in the fixed modality. The stolid energy of this sign is oriented toward the tangible, material and practical. This is a sign that can be quite resistant to change, preferring the comfort of worldly security in all its many forms. When the natal Sun is in Taurus, the life force energy is to build and maintain that security. The personality is much more adaptable if Mercury is in Gemini, but if is in Aries or Taurus, the character can be quite headstrong and focused. Let’s consider the permutations of Moon sign positions now with the Taurean Sun.

Sun in Taurus-Moon in Aries:

The fire and earth combination generates the kind of energy that can feel intimidating and unstoppable. The Aries Moon needs to be first so having an impact in the world, being out in front can be a comforting place from which to operate in order to create security. Ego energies may be very high in this blend and self-contentment and empathy may need cultivation. If balanced and healthy, this combination can inspire strength and lead others. If Mercury is in Aries as well, a willful nature will be undeniable.  Salvador Dali, Janet Jackson, MalcomX.

Sun in Taurus-Moon in Taurus:

Approaching life with patient determination to build and preserve identifiable markers of tangible security, this Sun-Moon blend combination is unflappable and often quite stubborn. With both luminaries in fixed earth, the tendency is toward shaping things as they should be and on one’s own terms. There is a keen appreciation for or awareness of material structures and worldly values. The stalwart and dependable double-Taurus may grow into a role as a significant authority with time and demonstration of capability.  Karl Marx, Jane Roberts, Iggy Pop.

Sun in Taurus-Moon in Gemini:

Rooted in the earth and abuzz with lively activity like a garden in summer, this Sun-Moon blend thrives when the busy intellect can channel productively and create something valuable. The emotional need is to be bright, clever and cerebral while fulfilling the inner impulses to build and maintain security through tangible means. Communication and voice are quite important here and there is always the challenge to keep a balance between grounded, realistic methods and scattering of energies. Catherine the Great, George Carlin, Sigmund Freud.

Sun in Taurus-Moon in Cancer:

The Moon is at home in Cancer and with the Taurean Sun, this Sun-Moon blend lends itself toward a desire for comfort and tranquility, especially within the family. If the home and family life are troubled and unsupportive in early life there may be a lifelong quest to build a nurturing environment. The emotional nature is easy and flowing with a talent for a mothering and nurturing others. Putting others at ease comes naturally and sensual pleasures may be a great source of comfort.  Willie Nelson, Benjamin Spock, Penelope Cruz.

Sun in Taurus-Moon in Leo:

Two fixed signs in a fire and earth square relationship create tension to build security in the limelight. The individual may be quite resistant to change once the personality is formed and the ambitions aligned with a chosen trajectory.  This individual will feel most at home when shaping relationships and the environment to their liking –it is the setting for a strong-will with dramatic intensity. This Sun-Moon blend needs praise and adoration from others to help the inner light to feel stable. The posture may be one of leadership and dominance. James Brown, Queen Elizabeth II, Barbara Streisand.

Sun in Taurus-Moon in Virgo:

The easy flow of earth signs in this blend promise practical competence, ease of expression and a flexible tenacity. This blend generally has their proverbial ducks in a row and knows how to organize and study the details in order to build the big picture. Confident and shrewd in application, with any goal in mind, this individual will study the best ways and means to guarantee stability and certainty. Contentment may work against progress. If Mercury is in Gemini, the intellectual spark will be character defining.  Candice Bergen, Shirley MacLaine, Michelle Pfieffer.

Sun in Taurus-Moon in Libra:

Both luminaries are Venus-ruled here making the sign placement and condition of that planet key to understanding more fully how the desire nature manifests. The need to please and be well-liked in kind is very strong with this blend. Beauty and the arts may be areas of focus throughout life. It will be important for this individual to develop strong self-reliance to avoid the pitfalls of being too socially driven to succeed. Air and earth together can create an aura of cool detachment when needed.  Tina Fey, Grace Jones, Amber Heard.

Sun in Taurus-Moon in Scorpio:

With this blend, fixed earth and water in opposition illuminate the need for worldly control and material certainty. The personality is generally stubborn and tenacious with considerable intensity to satisfy the emotional need for privacy which can create a landlocked position. Mercury in Gemini here will help immensely to lighten things up. This blend must learn about flexibility through others. There may be a sense of mission in life to manifest or build something of profound social value.  Bono, Mark Zuckerberg, Harper Lee.

Sun in Taurus-Moon in Sagittarius:

These two signs both share a common interest in values and their systems. For the Taurean Sun, life is about the earthy, tangible side of things-what can be seen and felt with the senses but for the Sagittarian, the philosophical, hypothetical and intangible can take on great importance and the spiritual zest brightens and lightens the heavier qualities. This Sun-Moon blend may need to feel recognized for wisdom in practical matters and mastery of the mundane. Indulgences may be pronounced.  Liberace, Adele, Al Pacino.

Sun in Taurus-Moon in Capricorn:

Practical, solid and poised in self-possession, this blend needs to master all of the steps toward progress to feel comfortable and alive. The innate drive toward making things as they should be or keeping them as they are is amplified by the emotional need to see progress taking shape, step by step toward a tangible goal. Objects of permanence may be important symbols of power and effectiveness in the world. The personality seems invested in administrating progress in order to maintain security and gaining ground.  Cher, David Byrne, Melania Trump.

Sun in Taurus-Moon in Aquarius:

With both luminaries in the fixed sign modality, the individual seeks to establish a broad base of social support and work progressively with and for others in practical matters. There is a stubborn righteousness and intensity in the delivery. Something important needs to be created through willfulness for long-lasting satisfaction, ideally in service to the larger social good. The emotional need is to apply one’s unique and highly individualistic methods to bear in constructing a stable value system and life structure.  Uma Thurman, Niccolo Machiavelli, Edward R. Morrow.

Sun in Taurus-Moon in Pisces:

This fertile combination may offer many opportunities for creative imagination and artistry to come to the fore. The sensitivities are finely tuned in to the world to feel and understand while the primal drive is to build and maintain stability, focusing on an ideal with a goal will go a long way toward anchoring the individual drives and resisting the urge toward isolation or introspection that may be present. Kindness and gentleness show the way. There is a real need for sympathy and encouragement from others.  Jerry Seinfeld, Audrey Hepburn, Leonardo da Vinci.