The Sun-Moon blend~Sun in Aries

Daily or monthly Sun sign horoscope columns continue to be as prevalent today as they were 50+ years ago and while they only barely touch the surface of what is possible with good astrology, they do serve to expose the general public to the idea of astrology’s ongoing social relevance as a vehicle for self -awareness and growth if used well and taught well. But the Sun sign is but one part of the whole.

Talking about and understanding Sun signs is easy for everyone because it is based only on the day of the year you were born — in order to know all of one’s natal chart you either need an astrologer or if you are interested enough to learn more and study your own chart, there are many options for free chart creation online such as Astrodienst. But even if you do not want to commit to formal study of astrology, it is good to have a sense of how astrologers use the art for insight.

One of the first steps in analyzing the birth chart is to take in the potential of the Sun-Moon blend in the chart. The luminaries shed light on the core nature of character and the reigning emotional needs of the owner as well as a kind of elemental signature. It is only one component in the entire process of taking in the potential of one chart, but it is essential.

I wanted to explore and share here a look into all possible 144 combinations of Sun-Moon sign blends followed with pertinent examples of well-known persons and I am hoping this will be both fun and illuminating for you. It is nearly the Vernal Equinox so now is the perfect time to start with the permutations of the Sun in Aries:

Sun in Aries-Moon in Aries

With both of the luminaries in cardinal fire, the individual is born to fearlessly and directly pursue self-focused means of expression and set oneself wholly apart from the crowd. The need to initiate and be first will color other aspects of the personality. The sign placement of Mercury will be an important modifying factor in expression; a Pisces or Taurean Mercury will soften the assertive tone considerably. The need for self-assertion is a driving component of personality and the life lessons here are around issues of the thoughtful and considered use of will.   Lucy Lawless, Danica Patrick, Marlon Brando.

Sun in Aries-Moon in Taurus

In this blend the emotional need for stability and security is energized by strongly assertive impulses. A tendency toward inflexibility or righteousness can be present if the personality profile leans toward isolationism, but confidence is usually assumed and personal importance is an easy base from which to operate. The combination of fire and earth can create an unstoppable character-the energy and life purpose issues are about finding one’s place at center stage, leading others and learning flexibility in relationships.   Quentin Tarantino, Elton John, Diana Ross.

Sun in Aries-Moon in Gemini

With Mercury and Mars ruling the luminaries here there is an unsettled, curious and radiant tone with this combination. The energy to exert force fuels the emotional need for diverse intellectual action and the personality can be all over the place, excited and ungrounded but very charming and alluring. Anchoring will need to come from other areas in the natal chart or outside the self. The soul born with this blend will need much stimulation and excitement to feel at home in the world. Exuberance is the signature trait of this combination.   Jackie Chan, Bette Davis, Harry Houdini.

Sun in Aries-Moon in Cancer

This square between the luminaries suggests that the innate inner tension between emotional security needs and the impulses for self-assertion create a dynamic that can be a lifelong challenge to resolve. A supportive environment is especially important here for the dynamic energies of vibrant caring to develop and grow a resilient and serene way of life. The energy to exert force can often be at odds with the urgings of the heart for safety, security and protection. Key life lessons for this individual will be around self-esteem within the family and interpersonal leadership.  Erica Jong, Charles Baudelaire, Aretha Franklin.

Sun in Aries-Moon in Leo

This trine in fire signs is confident self-expression in action. There is a natural theatrical flair in the demeanor and self-assuredness that is inviting and inspirational. The radiant heat of this combination may attract many admirers. With this blend, the energy to exert force works harmoniously with the emotional need for respect, honor and love from others. There is a natural drama and theatricality in self-expression so that social charm comes easily and effortlessly. The life purpose revolves around themes of knowing how and when to wield power.  Gloria Steinem, Joseph Campbell, Vivienne Westwood.

Sun in Aries-Moon in Virgo

Cardinal fire and Mutable earth require some adjustments to work effectively together but if the self-judgement is not too harsh with this combination, great power can shine through intellectual brilliance. The Virgo Moon represents the emotional need to be correct, exact and insightful. This need must be satisfied on individualistic terms for the Aries Sun to flourish. The critical nature may be quite strong and exacting and a pervasive sense of righteousness may be characteristic of this blend.  Anton LaVey, Camille Paglia, George Takei.

Sun in Aries-Moon in Libra

The energy to lead and exert force fuels the reigning need of the personality to be appreciated and well-liked by all so that personal charm can be a hallmark of the persona. The individual must find the right balance of self-willed action and reliance on other’s approval for validation. This is a Full Moon birth in Cardinal signs-there is bright dynamic energy at play here all to focus attention on the self and learn about how to negotiate the trappings of ego and flattery. Leading others may come very naturally.  Maya Angelou, Claire Danes, Rosie O’Donnell.

Sun in Aries-Moon in Scorpio

Although both signs are technically Mars-ruled making self-assertion a key trait, internal adjustments need to be made to negotiate the inner need for control and privacy with the willful energy to be out in front. The emotional need is to be regarded as deep and significant so that the ego energies to take charge are satisfied. This blend has a warrior component to it and with all Scorpio Moons, there may be parts of the self that must be kept hidden or protected from view. This is a lively and engaging mix and care must be taken to allow for vulnerability.  Lady Gaga, Francis Ford Coppola, Nancy Pelosi.

Sun in Aries-Moon in Sagittarius

Two fire signs support each other easily in this blend so that the adventuring and pioneering spirit is usually well received. The personality or personal vision can be inspirational and far-reaching as the thrust of individuality needs the broad scope and perspective satisfied through the Sagittarian Moon to share knowledge and express insights. Independence is the key concept for this combination of energies. The life lessons are about commanding respect for one’s unique path in the world and wisdom gained therein.  RAM DASS, Jane Goodall, Vincent van Gogh.

Sun in Aries-Moon in Capricorn

With this blend, the willfulness of the Aries Sun creates inner tension will the cool and calculating Capricorn Moon and its ability to administrate and plan so that personal accomplishment and success in reaching individual goals is likely. The friction builds a toughness and indomitable spirit no matter how smooth the surface may appear. The ego energy to get things done and make things happen is very strong here. The blend of fire and earth can be unstoppable and headstrong, especially if Mercury is also in Aries or Taurus.  David Letterman, Reese Witherspoon, Billie Holiday.

Sun in Aries- Moon in Aquarius

In this blend, the reigning need to be socially significant and work with others is easily channeled by the energy to exert force. There may be a naturally eccentric or unique way of doing things in the world that is appreciated. The blend of fire and air signs can get carried away and more grounding aspects will be useful in applying the spirited energies into practical ways. The life lessons here are about individualism and how the self operates best to help others and serve humanity.  Sandra Day O’Connor, Conan O’Brien, Christopher Walken.

Sun in Aries-Moon in Pisces

The blend creates a paradox of deep sensitivity and impulse for unabashed expression so that the energy gets a bit diluted, softened or frustrated in expression. The sign placement of Mercury will be important to understanding whether the fire of mind in Aries or soulfulness of Pisces is more pronounced in articulation and presentation. This combination needs to seek self-understanding first and introspection and sensitivity to others can work effectively with the Martian impulse to appear non-threatening.  Rachel Maddow, Lisa Gerrard, Betty Ford.