Astrology~ December 2021

The astrology of December is noteworthy as we start the week off with a total eclipse of the Sun on the 4th around 1 a.m EST at 12°Sagittarius.
This New Moon eclipse will represent a call to explore fresh options and move away from confining scenarios for those whose charts are resonant with 12° of the Mutable signs articulated, in particular. Even if you do not, you may be keenly aware of an uptick in the rate of change around you. People may be ready to move on and since Mars will sextile Pluto on the 6th and square Jupiter on the 8th, physical moves and expansive or growth-focused actions are supported this week.
The key idea is to explore your options and have faith in your own intuition and guidance systems.

Keep in mind that Sagittarius is a Fire sign in the Mutable mode and one idea that embodies that energy is the sharing of knowledge and insight by way of philosophy, teaching and giving voice to opinion and wisdom. The inner fire needs to project outwards and inspire and motivate others. Find a way to heed the call to adventure you are hearing. The larger and slower background celestial energy of 2021 is strongly operative this month and it too compels us toward new roads. An eclipse can be dramatic in nudging us onto a path and like June of 2020, this month we have Venus going retrograde around an eclipse so relationships are up for reevaluation. Humor and conviviality, both Sagittarian trademarks, will go a long way to helping keep things in perspective.

And speaking of perspective, the Venus-Pluto conjunction on the 11th of December, one of two over the coming weeks because of the retrograde cycle will undoubtedly require us to go deeper or farther with something or someone we love.
The conjunction of Venus and Pluto signifies a profound investment of relational resources and passion into a process–the result of taking things all the way in matters of greatest value to you will be an energized and wizened perspective which is the gift of Pluto.

The Full Moon in December is on the 19th at 27°Gemini/Sagittarius and that is the day Venus stations retrograde, resuming direct motion again on January 29th. What began at the New Moon may now burst forth into awareness bringing a necessary examination of values and tangible commitments with a no-nonsense approach. I’m looking forward to seeing the Moon, still quite large illuminate the sky on the night of the Winter Solstice on the 21st. A general vibe of instability may be present this week with this lunation as the final square between Saturn and Uranus takes place on Christmas eve so the lead up to it will be the most potent. The freedom-seeking urge cannot be held back.

During this cycle of Venus retrograde (12/19~1/29), see if you can find practical ways to articulate your love and care for others and if discomfort inside a relationship needs to be addressed and healed, now is the time to work on repair.

Christmas day sees the 2nd Venus-Pluto conjunction and Saturn-Uranus square. It is time to embrace new traditions, reevaluate routines and renew. Some things are just not going to work any longer and you may find yourself initiating some major changes or be forced to adjust. The tension manifesting in the aspects this week offer a beautiful opportunity to craft and mold something profound and possibly revolutionary in nature.

And before the year end we have Jupiter leaving Aquarius and moving rapidly through Pisces starting on the 28th of December. I don’t write Sun sign horoscopes for a reason but I will say that for those with the Sun in Pisces, 2022 will be your year. You may very well finally reap some rewards for all the sacrifice and hard work you have done recently or at the very least, feel more supported and encouraged than you have in a while.

If you would like to schedule a consultation with me to discuss more personally how the astrology of the moment is effecting your life, dreams and plans, please contact me. I look forward to hearing from you!