2021~Saturn-Uranus square

In 2020, a year like no other in which so very many vulnerabilities and failures were exposed, the predominant astrological themes centered on the conjunctions of Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto and the retrograde periods of both Venus and Mars, the latter in relentless squares to the former. We anticipated the potential for loss on a massive scale, violent conflict and reevaluation of personal and societal values structures. This year, the astrological tone is set by the square of Saturn in Aquarius to Uranus in Taurus. Exact dates for these three aspects are:

  • Feb 17, 2021    7°Aq/Tau
  • June 14, 2021  13°Aq/Tau
  • Dec 24, 2021   11°Aq/Tau

The tension in this particular square seems to be symbolic of some of the growing pains at the start of a new era. Hard contact like this between Uranus and Saturn represents traditionalism being challenged by innovation, old methods and approaches in need of an update. The status quo will be challenged, stagnant or crystallized areas of life will be shaken up for greater effectiveness and vitality. An essential theme for the year on the world stage will be about negotiating the strategy about the changes that need to occur around massive cooperative efforts — Saturn in Aquarius — and new resources and technologies.

The previous square between these two outer planets was in May of 2000 when their sign placements were the inversion of what they will be this year —Saturn was in Taurus and Uranus was in Aquarius.  The emergence and proliferation of practical applications for new technologies were the hallmark of that square. GPS usage became more mainstream then, internet commerce exploded. The camera- phone, Bluetooth tech and PET/CT scanner were all invented that year. I anticipate this year will see more inventions that have far reaching consequences for humanity.

I’ve written a bit about Uranus in Taurus  previously and it’s worth revisiting that period in history when it last occurred for some insight into the present. Now we are in a full climate emergency AND a pandemic. This year is crucial for acting boldly to address these concurrent emergencies. Innovations will be around value and monetary systems and the Earth herself. Ideally, Saturn in Aquarius here shall have humanistic caring at its core — global vaccination campaigns and perhaps a more united cooperative effort around climate change disaster relief and refugee crisis. The reflective attitude of social networks as they acknowledge the scope of their power hints of some of the change that may come this year as the business as usual approach is disrupted.

Resolving the tension of this square effectively will mean adapting to changes in creative ways and maintaining a flexible stance. Folks with 7°-13° of fixed signs emphasized in their natal charts will undoubtedly experience the necessity to shake up old ways of doing things in the area of life impacted by the transit. The purpose and meaning is simply to take a hard look at what is not working well in our lives and unhesitatingly change it. This is not the time to resist or put off needed changes. The more fully we each embrace the bold structural changes that need to take place, the easier and more fulfilling the efforts of this year will be.