Astrology~November 2019

Greetings gentle reader and welcome to the November installment of this monthly report. We are entering the final retrograde cycle of Mercury for 2019, the retrograde station takes place in Scorpio on Oct 31st and the station direct again, on November 20th. This three -week period is ideal for discovery of new information and through a deliberate process, re-imagining, re-designing and resurrecting plans with the benefit of increased knowledge.

The first week of November will be colored both by the Mars-Pluto square, (excessive force, extraordinary effort applied to deploying resources) and the synergistically supportive sextile of Saturn to Neptune, energized by the Sun on the 8th. This week is about clarity and drive, an epiphany about how to go about bringing tangible form to dreams and visions and ground the imagination. Be prepared to work hard to make things happen this week and try not to let unreasonable fears of Mercury slow you down!

The Full Moon in Taurus on the 12th arrives in a celestially fruitful environment as a host of aspects come together in the days after, chief among them are the Venus-Neptune square and sextile of Mars and Jupiter. As the Moon waxes to fullness, an important stage in a larger work may be now coming to completion and the supporting patterns now encourage serendipity in action. You may notice a sense of easy, grace and fluidity in expression. The days of the 9th through the 14th in particular are primed for experiencing a heightened sense of wonder and beauty, to create something of artistic value or interest. The Venus-Neptune influence especially brings out sensitivity to the intangible and the desire to commune with source; something all artists do within the creative process.

We change gears again and re-focus in the 3rd week of November just at Mercury is resuming its direct motion and Mars enters Scorpio on the 19th. Anything that has been bogged down or stuck over the last month may push through again at this time. The energy of Scorpio needs to plumb the depths and reach the highest heights to achieve its aims and Mars in Scorpio contacts deep resources to achieve environmental control and exert mastery. Watch for the energy shift this week into a deeper zone of experiences.

The ingress of the Sun into Sagittarius on the 22nd is joined by two extremely significant configurations both exact on the 24th; the Venus-Jupiter conjunction, also in Sagittarius and the fixed sign Moon and Mars opposition to Uranus. Although dissimilar by nature, the overlap of these two aspect groups denotes a time of maximum amplification. You may be acutely aware of your own and others sense of urgency and drive from around the 22nd through the 24th.

The effect of Jupiter is to enlarge and expand and sometimes elevate, with Venus in contact, it is personalized to include our intimates or that which brings us pleasure. Abundance and generosity characterize Venus-Jupiter connections on one end of the spectrum, excess and over-indulgence on the other. Mars-Uranus is energy put into action in abrupt or innovative ways, perhaps frenetic, probably unexpected.

On November 26th, the New Moon in Sagittarius reminds us to stoke the fires of our inner light in times of darkness. It is a time of intention setting and realigning with a personal sense of fiery purpose.  Sage is a plant connected with the sign Sagittarius so a ritual smudging would be an excellent way to clear your environment of psychic detritus with this Moon.

Thank you for taking the time to appreciate this celestial dance with me. It is just a rough sketch of the key features of any given time-frame. Please contact me directly if you feel that an astrological consultation might be in order for you at this time. We each have our own cycles of development and unfolding.

In gratitude,