Astrology~October 2019

Welcome to the October installment of this monthly review. The month begins with a recognizable energy shift on the 2nd into the 3rd as Mars moves into Libra, Mercury enters Scorpio and Pluto, ruler of the sign Scorpio, stations direct. You may notice the momentum and pace of things changing and with Mars at the Equinox point of 0┬░Libra, the soul qualities for which we are known are invoked for high visibility this day. On October 6th through the 8th, Venus will be transitioning into Scorpio with a Mercury-Uranus opposition and Sun-Saturn square taking place on the same day. There are likely to be some surprises in store with a few sudden changes of direction along the way. Always coming back to the stillness of the center is the way to manage the kind of attention detours that may arise. It is possible to work with the energy of this day for incredible productivity if you go with the flow. Try not to cling onto expectations with this one.

The 12th and 13th of the month are standout days because as Venus moves into opposition with Uranus, the Aries Moon will wax into fullness forming a T-square with Pluto. This is a powerfully charged few days. Those with 20┬░ of the Cardinal signs emphasized in their natal charts will be especially keyed into this energy and may experience this time as a turning point in which personal battles or ongoing power struggles can transform into breakthroughs. Exposure of that which has been hidden is one major signature of this formation. The dynamic duo of Venus-Uranus in the mix urges experimentation. Ventures begun at this time may have unpredictable, if not wildly fulfilling outcomes. The shock of the new engenders fresh perspectives. Seek out or create something unusual. Howl.

The week after the Full Moon is a a bit calmer, giving us the space to
make the adjustments we may need to make heading into the no-nonsense final week of October. The days of the 26th through the 31st of the month are acutely pressured, marking a span of time where complacency or inertia will simply no longer suffice and strong resistance may emerge to challenge actions that need to be taken to set things right.

On the 27th, Mars in Libra squares Saturn in Capricorn while the Scorpio New Moon opposes Uranus in Taurus. The energy dynamic of this day will be INTENSE and impossible to ignore. Tensions that were below the surface before today will likely be bursting forth into view. I have a protective urge to express a word of caution to you when these harsh Mars-Saturn aspects come into play to consider an approach more tender, gentle and conscientious than usual, acting as it were, more full of care through the day even if you need to pull out all the stops to get something done. The symbolism of this square is one of a breaking or clashing, it describes a rebellion for justice against the hard walls of tradition and establishment. This day may mark a turning-point for some and with the Scorpio New Moon the focus is on transformation, the kind that can occur when forgiveness and empathy are allowed into the heart. Some boundaries may need to be reestablished while others may need to be challenged.

Venus and Mercury conjoin in late Scorpio a few days later on the 30th drawing forth again the potent power of deep sharing and connecting with friends, allies and collaborators. Mercury stations retrograde on the
final day of the month and is retrograde until November 20th, casting a kind of energetic shadow into this last week of the month. A slow and thorough approach to addressing problems might be best in this last week of October. It is advisable to tie up any lose ends you can by the Full Moon mid-month and be prepared to navigate through some inhospitable terrain at month’s end.

Thank you for reading and sharing!
Be well in peace,