Astrology~September 2019

Greetings fellow travelers and welcome to the September edition of my monthly forecast. There are quite a few things to take note of this month as we shift into the final quarter of the year, entering the season of the Autumnal Equinox as some additional cycles come into play echoing those from June’s Jupiter-Neptune square.

In the first few days of September, Venus in Virgo will reengage and bring the potential energy of that square down to earth again. The higher vibration activation that accompanies this supports practical social application of our ideals, generously sharing our gifts and talents with the world and nurturance of our creative drive and expression. This first week of September also sees Mercury moving very swiftly through the sign of Virgo making multiple aspects before moving into opposition with Neptune on the 7th of the month. So much can be accomplished now quickly even if only mapping out a plan. This is a perfect week for generating fresh ideas with new insights coming in to expand perspective.

The September Full Moon, (Harvest Moon) exact on the evening of the 13th culminates in tandem with several other ripening planetary interactions and I hope you can find some time to appreciate the magic in this one. The zone of a few days before and after this lunation are unusually active as the Moon in sensitive Pisces enters the mutable T-square with Mars-Jupiter-Neptune as it waxes into fullness magnifying the already intense energy. From a spiritual perspective, the energy brought forth with this full Moon is about interconnectedness and birthing a grand new vision. How will this energy be brought down to earth in tangible forms?

Happening at the same time, Mercury and Venus move into a conjunction on the cusp of Virgo/Libra; one of the four points at the beginning of each of the Cardinal signs which coincide with each Solstice and Equinox. Here we find greater appreciation and attention given to the parts of our inner-selves that are most prominently experienced by others, an evocation of grace to reputation and an invitation to share. In addition to this, Saturn is poised to station direct and is aligned with the lunar nodal axis for this Harvest Moon. Meetings taking place at this time will likely have a tone of seriousness and karmic purpose to them with the knowledge that actions taken now will have far-reaching consequences. The week from September 10th through the 18th holds great potential for a peak experience.

The Autumnal Equinox (first day of Fall) is the day the Sun enters 0° Libra when both day and night are of equal duration. This year that exact moment is in the very early morning hours of the 23rd of September. Part of the nature of balance of this day and the sign of Libra in particular is the dynamic of reciprocity.  There are many ways in which a system can seek to regain equilibrium, not all of which are apparent at the onset. The energy shifting solidly into Libra now highlights cooperation and collaboration.

In the last week of the month Venus moves into square Saturn (9/25) and Pluto (9/30), setting the tone for the Libra New Moon opposite Chiron on the 28th. Clean Slate is the theme of this week. Be it purging and clearing in the more tangible sense of space clearing or letting go of emotional and psychic detritus to allow a fresh breath of life, this start of harvest time requires a thorough evaluation before judgement. There is enormous potential for a healing process to be emergent with this New Moon and growth potential for relationships, especially through confronting any dysfunctional patterns therein and allowing discomfort and pain to be part of the process of this healing. The energy at work this week is oriented toward facing all kinds of relationship challenges, and sorting out what needs releasing or re-dedication.

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In gratitude,